Agencia Principal

At "Principal" we can implement your strategy for brand or company promotion using People as active, proactive ambassadors, drawing on their intelligence, creativity and business skills.

Our people-based service allows us to reach the target audience and guarantees the success of any event in which we participate. We ensure that our staff are knowledgeable and fully aware of the brand they will be representing and of the objectives for each event.

This approach, coupled with over 15 years' experience working with many Spanish and international brands, allows us to offer you "People to power your Brand ".

Agencia Principal
Agencia Principal

----- ENGAGEMENT- -----
At PRINCIPAL, each event is special and unique - that is why we carefully plan everything, down to the smallest detail, and inspire a high level of engagement among our staff.

We are constantly striving for improvement by contributing new ideas, projects or plans to our clients, in order to keep growing and enhance our services.


We believe in what we do and we enjoy working with people... a positive attitude makes work more pleasant, easier and brings better results.


----- COMMITMENT -----
Our commitment is to do a good job, to fulfil our promises to clients and suppliers, to comply with applicable laws and to take care of our financial, human and material resources.


----- FAST RESPONSE -----
Unexpected situations often arise during the planning and implementation of an event - our staff is trained and skilled in responding to any contingencies.

Agencia Principal
Agencia Principal

We cover NATIONAL CAMPAIGNS AND ACTIVITIES through a consolidated network of delegations and coordinators.
We apply the same VALUES, QUALITY AND CRITERIA throughout the peninsula.
Strict compliance with all legal and labour requirements.


Agencia Principal

“Yet again, working with the team from Principal de Azafatas at the world Dunlop Launch Event in Spain was the right choice.
I would like to congratulate you, once more, on the professionalism and excellent work of your team throughout the whole month of our event.”

Lorinda Merand
Project Leader
Groupe Novateam-Dunlop Launch

“I would like to convey the appreciation expressed by all of the Scientific Organizations for whom we organized the Conferences.
The success of the events was due in part to the cooperation of partners like you, with whom we have worked over the years.
As always, thank you for everything. Kind regards.”

Teresa Casal Ortega
Event and Incentive Manager

“Congratulations on a great job!!
Thank you for your professionalism!!”

Direzione Commerciale e Marketing
Ferrari S.p.A.. Maranello, Italy

“Dear Elena,
I would like to inform you that your team of hosts and hostesses were very professional in their work, showed good teamwork and were always very willing to help.
Sincere congratulations.”

Pablo Gosálvez Vega
Programas de IDAE para el Impulso
de EERR Térmicas en Edificios

“Compliments on the good work. Thanks a million!”

Valeria Casadei
Shell Lubricants-Brand & Comms Italy

“Oracle Racing would like to congratulate Principal for their great work and dedication during the 32nd and 33rd editions of the America's Cup.
A special mention is due to the team of Drivers, Hosts and Hostesses, who worked extremely hard throughout the whole of the Hospitality programme - we would never have managed without them.”

Anna Milton
Events Oracle Racing
Agencia Principal
Agencia Principal
Agencia Principal
Agencia Principal